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Now available on Linux and MacOS X
The game is now also available to download for the Linux and MacOS X operating systems!...
2 files — 1.11
Updated to v1.1 - large performance improvements
This update has been in the worx for a while but should bring some big performance improvements! New changes in 1.1: Multiple performance improvements, includin...
2 files — 1.1
Updated to v 1.02 - Audio issues fix
Updated to version 1.02 A small update to fix Windows audio performance issues. Some people were experiencing poor performance and crackling audio...
2 files — 1.02
Full game release
Manual Intervention is now for sale! Wow, that’s been 2 years, but I've finally released a small single player action game! I have learned a lot and really en...
2 files — 1.0